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Know What Will Happen to Your Body if You Eat 2 Bananas a Day

by Iber

If you think of healthy food you usually think it is not going to be a tasty choice. However, when speaking about bananas, this is not the case as they are delicious, filling, and nutritious. They are also very healthy and can keep you away from many diseases.

Bananas are very popular crops. Nearly every country in the world cultivates them. They are the third most abundant crop in the world. It can be eaten in many forms whether a milkshake, a banana yogurt, or even a vegan banana ice cream.

Let’s show you some benefits your body can gain by eating the bananas.

1. A natural energy bar.

Bananas can supply your body with fast calories and energy necessary for exercise and work as it is rich in simple carbs and sugars. It also contains potassium in high doses that can prevent muscle cramps and strains. Other contents of the banana as minerals and vitamins can keep your body metabolism balanced and make you function better. It will also substitute for electrolytes lost in sweat.

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